Ode To Moderation

It is the night of a plateau overlooking a plain
Of small stars short trees little pain
Of numbered dreams fathomable main

And the cluttered clouds – medium sized –
Promising a moderate rain.

It is the night of feasible promises
Of minor gains and minor misses
Of hand-holdings and forehead-kisses

And the rambling radio – fairly prized –
Playing whatever it is.

It is the night of nothing special
Of a burnt rope and a blunt scalpel
Of a divine absence solid dull

And the mumbling silence – organized –
Saving the raving skull.


4 thoughts on “Ode To Moderation

  1. Felt really nice to read you after a fairly long time.. the rhyme scheme added to the overall effect.. Wish to read more such poems from you

    1. Good to hear from you Abir. Thanks a lot. I deliberately worked in a rhyming pattern. The poem came to me in rhymes. I was writing about moderation and mediocrity. And rhyming is always equated with mediocrity. I couldn’t ask for a better structural coincidence!

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