Come, Let’s Play

Come, let us play
I’ll be myself for a day
And you be what you were
Before the war.

Conscience is a tricky thing to have in love –
Let’s not call it love, then.
Let’s be a little more scrupulous, have some conscience –
Drops arms for a day –
Shake hands and say
We ought to do this more often.
Let’s be civil .

Please let me – I’ll pay the bill.

I write with my hand.
I dance with my legs.
I had a dog. I had a cat.
This, this and that.

Let’s talk of weather.
And talk of things living, dead –
And of ways to use them.
And do what our ancestors before us did.
Let’s die together –
In each other.
Let’s kill.

Please let me – I’ll play the bill.


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