Where Grannies Don’t Die

Take me to a place,
Where minstrels sing,
Where flags are maroon, 
And there’s no king.
Where dogs are blue,
And purple too.
Where eyes do meet – 
A lovely feat!

Take me to a place,
Where roads go deep,
With a river at side,
Where calm winds sleep.
Where lost love is found,
A lost book is around.
Where hugs do matter –
All’s a little better.

Take me to a place, 
Where it means a lot to sigh,
And tales come to life,
Where Grannies don’t die.
Where it isn’t a sin to be
Lost in a reverie.
Where elders do dream –
An Owl and a Stream.

Take me to a place,
Where animals talk,
And frogs are civil,
Where lamp-posts walk.
Where crows are sign,
For something divine!
Where cats do steal – 
Some grief and some eel!

Take me to a place 
Where poets are born,
And there is a new song,
For every new morn.
Where gaily gifts are due
A scarf and a fancy shoe.
Where people do smile –
Heart warming, sans guile.


To everyone who’s still a kid. Bless you. And Happy Children’s Day!


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