The Importance Of Being Sad

Hello fellow beings!

Yes, I have started blogging. “What a damn new thing to do!!”, you must say. Well I know it is customary for a vigilant Indian of my age to have an impressive blog by now, but as to the same case, I have been somewhat hesitant hitherto. You know, the general questions perturb me. What new possibly can I tell you guys? You already know Oscar Wilde was homosexual. You already know Fitzgerald wanted to be in Hollywood. You know Milton was against the monarchy. You know Marlowe was killed in a brawl. You know about the great religions and great civilizations. You have heard of wars and deaths. Maybe you have watched “All Quiet on the Western Front” and rued the loss of youth and innocence. Maybe you were impressed by it’s aesthetic beauty. You know about slavery and apartheid. You know about terrorism. You know that people die. You know the futility of death in today’s age. More so, you know the futility of life in today’s age.

What’s left, then? You know that destruction and sadness are most photogenic. You know that  pain makes for aesthetic brilliance. You know that a remorseful man pictures far better than a happy man. You know these things. You have been keen observer of grief and anger. You know it looks beautiful.


My friend has urged me to write something everyday. Keeping in mind that I am a Gemini it wouldn’t be possible, but still, I will bother you guys and gals with something every now and then. Do subscribe! (See, that’s why I hate it, I have already started looking like a sulky marketing guy.)


“It’s important that I look beautiful,
Paint me so, paint me to such effect..”

“Make me look wonderful,
Quick Sir! Make it prompt, act!”

“Should I affect pensive airs, 
Or do you deem it fit,

I stand beside the stairs?
Quick Sir! Babble, speak it!”

“Or some place ruinous would do?
A ruined fort, a ruined palace, a ruined city!

I have a ruined gown too!
Blurt it out Sir! Have some pity!”

“How should I look?” She asked him,
Pursing her lips, and shaking her head.

The painter, thoughtful, old and grim
Pronounced peacefully, “Look sad.”



10 thoughts on “The Importance Of Being Sad

  1. You are right, there is a kind of humane skill involved in sadness, not so much required in other emotions..I remember a poem of yours about it, and for me, always, it was the best one!

  2. people r attracted to miseries. actually, human nature…dey think greatness is being at the root of imbibing sadness. i guess dis poem vil reveal d other aspect of grimness of adopting a melancholy attitude.

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